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anyone else seeing this? 

Hello! I'm sorry I hadn't seen that before, I had trouble making a production build so I made a development build, that could be the problem

If you have an android device you can download it there and it should work fine :)

ok, thanks for the feedback!

Hi, pretty nice game. will u upload it on google play or smth when it will be complet ?
If you check my: will be happy 

Thanks! Yes I will upload it :D and sure I will give it a check

Awesome, would be fun on mobile :D

Thanks! It is made for mobile, there is the download button for android devices :)


Thanks! :D

This game is really fun, and well tuned, I never felt like the waves were unfair. It gets super frantic when the old man comes out with the shield, and almost feels like an arms race. Great game!

Thank you for your comment! I tried so much to make it well balanced :)

It gets crazy hard once the first enemy sniper appears. 

Thanks for playing! And yes, I guess it's not possible without the machine at max level

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This game is really addictive. Lost to snipers and just couldn't stop playing afterwards. A few comments:

  • Very RNG dependent at times
  • Damage flashes block the buttons
  • Snipers are too op

Very helpful feedback! I didn't know about buttons being blocked by the red panel. Thanks for playing and for your comment :)

Sheesh! It was all fun and games until Gandalf came out with that riot shield lol!

great game!

Hahaha yeah that Gandalf is kind of OP, thanks for playing :D

Cool gameplay loop! Addictive and fun to play)

Thanks! :D

Very fun game! Terribly addictive :) It's a pity that I didn't get to experience all the upgrades.

Thank you very much! :)

42 i'll broke the record :D amazing game !

Thanks a lot! :D the current record is 170 by my brother

hey there that was fun i got 56 can't wait to see your other projects

Thanks for playing and for uploading your gameplay, that's awesome! :D